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East County Water Management Association

Delta Diablo (District) is a member agency of the East County Water Management Association, which was formed in 1997 as a regional partnership of eleven agencies working together on water management issues.  Through this regional partnership, members have collaborated with stakeholders and other agencies to develop an East Contra Costa County (ECCC) Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) program.  IRWM involves multiple agencies, stakeholders, individuals, and groups working together to manage all aspects of water resources in a region.  This collaborative effort supports integrated regional strategies for management of water supply, wastewater treatment, stormwater management, flood control, watershed protection, and habitat conservation.
The ECCC IRWM Region is a district geographic region covering 350 square miles, which is isolated from its neighboring regions by the ridge lines of Mt. Diablo to the south and west, and the Delta Waterways to the north and east.  The region was evaluated and formally accepted as an IRWM region by the Department of Water Resources in 2009.  The region has a long history of collaborative regional water management planning, starting with the preparation and implementation of an East County Water Management Plan in 1996, the development of a Functionally Equivalent IRWM Plan in 2005, the 2013 IRWM Plan Update, and the 2015 IRWM Plan Update. This IRWM Plan Update articulates the challenges the ECCC region faces and defines the water resource management objectives it hopes to accomplish.

This collaborative effort has helped to secure significant grant funding for the region.  In 2007, the region was awarded $12.5M through Proposition 50 for several projects.  Subsequent funding through Proposition 84 provided $900,000 for IRWM planning activities (~$450,000 for Round 1 and for Round 2 Planning grants) and $1.775M for two implementation projects.  Inclusion in the IRWM Plan has also allowed some of the participating agencies to receive $15 million under Proposition 1E for flood control and stormwater management.  East County IRWM work has resulted in a total of $30.2M in state funding, enabling East Contra Costa agencies to leverage local funding to maximize benefits for our residents and ratepayers.  The public is encouraged to participate in IRWM planning and can find additional information and upcoming public meetings at
District recycled water projects have received a funding boost from state grants through the IRWM program, resulting in 1,100 acre-feet of recycled water being available for industrial and irrigation use and setting the stage to develop remaining capacity.  District partner projects receiving funding through IRWM include the Pittsburg Recycled Water Project ($1,200,000) and the Antioch Recycled Water Project ($600,000).  The District also received funding for the Pittsburg Recycled Water Pipeline Rehabilitation Project ($1,125,000), the Delta Diablo Recycled Water Master Plan ($152,127), and the Recycled Water Supply Expansion and Fill Station Project ($309,341).